Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lots To Be Thankful For...

First and foremost I wanted to tell everyone we are okay. The images on TV are very scary and makes us a little nervous since Bangalore is a very expat popular place, BUT we are very thankful that we have not seen the type of stuff close. Thanks to everyone that has been thinking about us.

Speaking of thanks!!! Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving in India. Definitely, not the same as with my Mom's yummy turkey, but hey, we did have fun. We actually had two parties to go to, so it definitely was a full schedule.

We spent our first Thanksgiving with our friends at Ozone. Very nice spread of goodies and food. There was even a turkey! AND it was good :-) Here is are some pictures from the night. I hope you all had a good night as well. You were in our thoughts!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Who Needs Language When You Have Laughter

Our driver Krishna invited us to his home a couple of weeks back. We really didn’t know what to expect since again at times I feel that the world around us can be far removed since we are living in our community. We pulled up to an apartment type building which was surrounded by stray dogs and dirt. Krishna walked us upstairs to his place. As we walked in I saw a three room place…kitchen, living space and additional room. It couldn’t have been any bigger than our living room. I was humbled. Krishna and his family were very happy to see us. We also had some gifts for them since it is close to Diwali. Krishna has two sons…Bartha and Adatha. Martin and I decided to sit on the floor with the kids and get to playing. We had a blast. By the end, all the kids were running around and playing inside and out.

In the middle of all the playing, there was lunch. BUT…what I didn’t know was that it was just lunch for Martin and I. Yes, it was VERY awkward. Krishna and his wife just kept bringing food out for us to eat. When I asked if they were going to eat, he said “We are going to eat later”. Again, it was very strange for us, but we appreciated all the wonderful food that was prepared and it all was wonderful! We even had fish…well, at least Martin did. Rohin and Veda also had some food. We sat in the back room that had a table, chair, 16” TV and stereo.

So, imagine this…here we are in the middle of rural India, in our driver’s house, eating a meal that they prepared for us watching…..SEINFELD. It was quite funny.

If I didn’t say it before it was a wonderful experience and I am glad we went. I was very proud of Rohin and Veda who integrated themselves great in the environment. I was so afraid Rohin was going to say something like “Mom, where is the toys?”, but he did no such thing. He just played with Bartha until we left. It was really cool to watch since Bartha knew some English and Rohin and V know a couple of words in Hindi. Point being, they really didn’t have a way of communicating other than laughing. Apparantly, a smile can say many things!!!

Thank you Krishna and his family.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Busiest Week Ever

Well, it was the first week back to work and we had a very busy weekend as well. Let’s just say I am exhausted.

My first week back was quite interesting. I am working in a great group and I have a lot to learn. I don't want to talk too much about work, but I have to tell you its nice to be back! I feel normal again. And the kids have been wonderful so far :-) I take Rohin to school every morning before work. Honestly, since I am not driving it is great because I get to spend some one on one time with him. And Veda actually kissed me goodbye and said " Yeah? Okay, bye". All in all great first week. Thank you Ro and V!

Our community had a Diwali function this past weekend. And yes, to those who can relate to was like every Diwali function at home. You doing Indian dances, random skits, and GREAT singing! We had a great time. Our house is very close to the club house, so we were able to go back and forth between there and house for some yummy drinks. Good times were had by all. :-)