Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Where Have We Been for the Last 3 Months!!!!

I know...I know..I have not written and yes I know I should. Bottom line...it's been a hectic February, March and April. May will bring some extra time...yeah right!?!?. Thank you to everyone that reads this. All I can say is it just reminds us that we have a very supporting network of people in our lives that give a crap about us :-).


February - My friends Courtney and Jason came to India. What a wonderful time that was! Again, home came to India. Thank you to them both for coming! While they were here we went to the South of India - Kerala. We stayed at a beautiful resort, hung out with some elephants and went on a house boat!!! What a great experience!

March - We celebrated a festival called Holi (festival of colors). During this time, people throw colored powder on one another and just have fun running around smearing it on each other. Sounds silly, but it was a lot of fun. Veda thought it was okay, but Rohin wanted nothing to do with it. Well, maybe next year.

Also, we went to Dubai...what a place. It is like the world's Vegas. Oh, did I mention that it rained in Dubai. The whole 5 days. That is right....in the desert it rained for five days straight. Actually, it wasn't terrible since the vacation was just a way for us to get some civilization. :-) You know...clean running water, wide highways, SUVS, tall buildings, clean air with a little dust, indoor snow park, malls, more malls and YES - TACO BELL! My goodness and I am not exaggerating when I say this...I actually jumped when I saw Taco Bell. It's was really sad how happy I was, BUT it was good and I didn't care. I think even Veda loved it :-) Gotta love her! We all had a wonderful time there!

April - Well, Easter came! We actually spent the morning with some friends here and their kids had an Easter egg hunt for Rohin and Veda. I missed my Mom that morning. Every year (even when they were just months old) my Mom makes a very elaborate Easter basket for the kids. Last year she even hid eggs...you have to love my Indian Martha Stewart :-) Love you. The kids had a blast and we enjoyed a very nice breakfast with our friends :-) Thanks Serena!

Last in April we decided to go to Trivandrum which is again in the South of India. Very easy trip with sun, sand, praying mantis and relaxing...well, as much relaxing you can have with a four and two year old. It is amazing how crowded the beach...who knew that Indians love their beaches!!! Yes, everyone was fully clothed with saris. The kids had a great time in the sand though! A little side note...as much as kids are crazy they do do things every once in while that reminds you of how great they really are. Veda and Rohin were riding on the suitcase cart and Veda was going to fall, so Rohin put his arm around her and held her. Seriously, Martin and I couldn't stop laughing, but also smiling at our little guy. See he is nice to his sister!!!!I did learn something else though...don't let your two year swim in the pool since breakfast, get a quick lunch bias the afternoon nap and then expect her at 7 pm at night to have a good meal. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. She did sleep well that night though :-) Oh and ditto on the four year old. We traveled down with some friends from Bangalore which is always fun!

A beautiful woman who is family to me passed away of Pancreatic cancer this March. For the first time during our entire time here in India I have never wanted to go home so bad. I love you very much Devyani Auntie. You are a beautiful woman! Here she is with my Mom back a couple of years ago.

Again, thanks for reading and I promise to write more soon!

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Sheri said...

Outstanding post! We have been missing you!!!